Neuroscience and Flavor Perception

One week ago, Joel & Leticia Pollock of Panther Coffee (IG: @panthercoffee) hosted a special class called "Sensory Perception of Coffee: Theory and Practice" at the Chapin School of Hospitality at FIU. The eight hour class, divided into an academic session in the morning and a practical session in the afternoon, was taught by Neuroscientist Dr. Fabiana Carvalho of the University of Campinas, Brazil. (IG: @thecoffeesensorium)

It was the best class I’ve ever attended as an adult.

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Supporter vs. Influencer

I support the people who make and serve great food, great coffee, great wine or cocktails and great art or design. I guess I should I say, I support the folks who make what I consider “great” - as everyone’s reviews are intrinsically subjective. It is, however, very important to me to use my “voice” or words to send the attaboys & attagirls to the folks I think are changing our city.

In a nutshell, that’s the only kind of “influence” I want to have.

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In praise of Honest Food

Over-adornment is always open to ridicule.

There’s a reason why you don’t chrome out everything on your vehicle or wear all of your jewelry at once.

Although bling’d-out food may appeal to your eyes (and followers), honest food reaches your soul.

When chefs make dishes to honor a memory from childhood, it feels honest. And you can taste it.

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If you had moved away from Miami in the last few years, you would have missed a resurgence in the Food & Beverage scene here that has been nothing short of world-class. We are living an incredibly lush moment. We have a number of creative mixologists and serious Somms. Our specialty coffee and tea community - that didn’t exist pre 2010 - is growing in both depth and options. And chefs have embraced the region’s roots, fruit, myriad cultures and growing season in a way that makes for a dizzying array of options on any given night.

That story gets told and posted about frequently.

But the real story is Community.

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