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3 Questions for Franco

What Are You Doing?

- I am operating small business with a dedication to a singular product trying my best to get the most out of one item. I strive to understand the nuances of this product and produce the best version in this city. I am currently trying to expand my product line and extend my reach, using the same focus that led me to excel with pizza I plan to help curate and help alter in a new era in food and beverage in Miami, Fl. 

Who Are You Doing It For?

- First and foremost I do this for my family and household. I do not work I simply live a lifestyle; and my current lifestyle allows me to share many great experiences and time with those who I care about. Although some birthdays and special occasions may be missed I am allotted many other privileges and experiences. Secondly I do this to impact the community around me. I truly enjoy employing people and having a small part in the community creating jobs and growing a team is an incredible experience. Lastly, I do this for myself I do this because I enjoy the highs and lows the sacrifice and bringing out the best in myself. I enjoy the creativity and the broad scope of work I tackle on a daily basis. Having an idea and successfully implementing the steps necessary to bring into reality are truly an art form. 1000s of hands touch a business and being the director or composer it is your duty to make sure that everything is in line and your vision is being executed correctly. Although it may seem very subtle and simplistic Stanzione 87 to me is the first piece in my collection. 

What Drives You To Do It?

- I believe I am driven by a combination of factors. My inspiration comes from my wife, and my drive and ability to push is reinforced every evening after work when I return home and share time with my family. I believe this industry is very tough and in order to be successful everyone should have something inside of them that drives them to move forward. I have never looked for motivation from another source (accolades, awards, although they provide a fleeting sense of satisfaction) besides within myself and household. This is a marathon not a sprint this is a 15 round title fight where constant adjustments and sacrifices will be made.

The original Stanzione 87 is here:

There's also Ash's Pizza Parlor in The Citadel (Food Hall):