Mari Angeles Rubio


A few words about Mari

Sometimes you meet people who simply cannot be confined to an age or a time or a label. Mari Angeles is such a creature. She’s as driven as she is hilarious, bounces back and forth between Dominican Spanish and Miami English (It’s a thing. If you live here you know). Her infectious enthusiasm for food and life imbues everything she does. Watch for her to have a storefront soon, but in the meantime order from her site and have those treats delivered or go pick them up at her commercial kitchen in Olympia Heights (see Google Map at bottom of page)

My personal favorites from Casa Gioia are Zucchini Bread (if it’s off the current season’s menu, ask for it and tell Mari you’re a friend of mine, LOL), Guava Bundt Cake and Rosemary Pecan Shortbread cookies. They’re ridiculously good.


3 Questions for Mari

What Are You Doing?

- I am sharing joy (or 'gioia' as I like to call it) through things as simple as desserts. Little products composed of sugar, butter and flour that give you an automatic smile and warm your soul. I've made it my goal in life to share joy with everyone I encounter and through everything I do, and my way of fulfilling  this goal is through baking. Food brings people together, desserts draw a smile on people's faces. I am recreating traditional recipes we all know, love and were probably raised with them and making them my own. I am putting a little bit of Mari in every single product I offer. I take let's say, an alfajor recipe or something as simple as a shortbread, I look at it and I say to myself "how can I make the best version of this?" I've always said it, I'm not trying to invent the 'wheel'- I'm just trying to show you how I see the 'wheel', how I experience the 'wheel', and how I taste the 'wheel'. I want to show people that there's no need for elaborate desserts or fancy restaurants to enjoy something spectacular. You want something as simple as a brownie? I'll make my best to give the ultimate, most delicious brownie experience there is.  

Who Are You Doing It For?

- I am doing it for those that are longing for the flavor of the desserts their grandmother used to make for them when they were little. I do it for those that look for a taste of home in every bite. Those that dare to try rosemary in their sugary shortbread, or a salted cinnamon ganache in their chocolate cake. I do it for those that want to join me and see the world through my sugar lenses. 

What Drives You To Do It?

- My need to express myself through every dessert that comes out of my kitchen. Some people express themselves through music, poetry or dancing, I do it through recipe development and baking. I'd even go as far as to say it's pure selfishness. People say I make them happy with my desserts, but what they give me when I see their expressions after trying something I've made it's such an incredible feeling that's hard to put into words.