Naomi Harris


A few words about Naomi

A few months after Madruga Bakery opened, they offered a croissant made with Parmesan and thyme. Not only was it unforgettable, but what happened when I talked to Naomi about it was even more unforgettable. After devouring the croissant in one fell swoop, I approached the counter to speak with Naomi. “That’s the greatest croissant I’ve ever had in my life” I told her. In her inimitable way, she said “wait one second” and called over a young woman. “Can you tell her what you just told me?” Naomi asked. After repeating my praise for the croissant, Naomi said, “It was her idea”.

I remember two thoughts exploding in my mind at that very second:

“This is why woman are so much better humans than men” (Because a typical guy would simply take credit for something one of his team had created)

“I love what she’s building here!”

At Madruga Bakery they mill their flour on site, make any number of delicious breads, pastries, breakfast & lunches… AND they’re proving that nice people can finish first as well.

In February of 2019, Naomi Harris received a James Beard Nomination as a semi-finalist for Outstanding Baker. It appears the entire world is aware of what she’s building in Coral Gables.


3 Questions for Naomi

What Are You Doing?

- I am  

Who Are You Doing It For?

- I am  

What Drives You To Do It?

- Driven by.