Nidal Barake


A few words about Nidal

3 Questions for Nidal

What Are You Doing?

- I am currently running Gluttonomy, a marketing and consulting agency for the food industry, based in Miami. I love what I am doing now because I am involved in an industry that I am passionate about, and I am part of a dynamic community that is changing the culinary scene in the city. My day to day activities involve creating new brands, running marketing campaigns, and working with some of the most talented chefs from around the world.   

Who Are You Doing It For?

- I usually work with restaurants, food & beverage brands, and chefs. Some of the people I work with include entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses, established brands, as well as local and international chefs. We also work with institutional clients such as export bureaus, tourism organizations, and foundations. 

What Drives You To Do It?

- From a business point of view, the food industry is booming and growing into other fields such as food+tech, which create new opportunities. From a personal point of view, I am passionate about food and I believe food is a changing force for cities and society in general, and since everybody seems ti be info food now, the impact of whatever we do is amplified. Also, there is nothing better than being around great food, good friends, and still be working.