Steve Santana


A few words about Steve

If Steve (@slicedicecode on Instagram) never makes another delicious morsel of food (and we know that’s not happening), he has already established himself as the creator of one of the most sensational bites ever: the Totopos at one of the three (see maps below) Taquiza locations in Miami (@taquizatacos on Instagram). In my opinion, you can scour the world and you’ll not find a better, more addictive chip (below photo on left). And then there are the tacos, the special event quesadillas, the damn good chicken sandos... on behalf of this city and tons of tourists - thank you, Steve Santana! 


3 Questions for Steve

What Are You Doing?

- I am .   

Who Are You Doing It For?

- I do . 

What Drives You To Do It?

- Driven by . 

There's also a Taquiza in The Citadel (Food Hall) 8300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138